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PL8150xlWorldtime Calc/Clock/Cal

A Cruise Line wanted to test market a new fitness program.  To make sure that these classes were filled each day for one hour for the duration of the cruise, they offered the PL-8150 to the first ten people who showed up.  By the end of the cruise, they had enough data to implement their new program.  During the cruise, the participants who received the PL-8150 told the fitness instructors and cruise director how happy they were to receive the item.  They used the calculator and currency exchange at each port.




Custom Bobble head

An insurance company ordered thousands of PL-9000 to increase visibility of an already popular corporate icon through internal promotions and for sale on their website.  This was a follow up promotion to the very popular custom stress shape of the same icon which produced phenomenal results.




A popular restaurant chain printed their drink menu on the vase which was displayed at each table.  In addition, any patron with a bill of over $75 received a vase (with their logo and drink menu printed on it) at no additional charge.




Analog Alarm Clock

An old manufacturing company was trying to revamp their corporate image.  After shelling out big bucks for a new logo, they decided to put their logo on cutting edge, functional items.  They set each clock to the local time of the recipient.  The clocks went to international customers and the alarms were set for what would be opening time for the offices here in the US.  That way when the clocks arrived, the alarm would let them know when the company was open to handle their issues.



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