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4' Spin Tip™, Single-Sided

# SPT-04-SS 7 day production timeRefine your search within results below$254.99 - $284.99Min Qty 1

Outdoor advertisement is essential for business promotion. No matter what type of product or service you offer and the segment of consumers you want to attract, outdoor advertisement reaches everyone. Everyday people walk or drive on the streets and they notice the ads displayed on the roadside. Catchy text and colorful graphics register in their mind and they start recognizing the products/services offered by a business.

If you run a business, then you must invest some portion of your total marketing budget in outdoor advertisement to grab maximize your visibility. However, the marketing dilemma is to decide what type of outdoor marketing platform should be used?

We have the next generation, revolutionary outdoor advertisement item for you and it is called Spin Tips. 3D is a very popular concept in the movie making business because a 3D object not only offers a life like presentation, but also appeals to the viewers aesthetically. We have realized the potential of 3D and Spin Tips are the outcome of our team's marketing genius. The Spin Tips 3D image can offer an enlarged replica of a product/service that rotates 360 degree on a pole so that people coming from all directions can see the advert without any difficulty.

We develop custom Spin Tips based on the criteria of our clients. You can order for Spin Tips as large as 48×48 inches. We use high quality materials to construct Spin Tips and design wise, you get complete freedom. Whether you need a large coffee mug to promote your newly opened cafe or a giant ball to increase the sell of sports equipments, we can do it all. All you need to do is provide us the design and we will build the Spin Tips accordingly.

RFID Data Guard

# RFID Data Guard 15 day production timeRefine your search within results below$1.40 - $3.10Min Qty 50

Being in a public place and having our wallets or purses unknowingly stolen by a thief is something we all fear. But what if a thief could steal your credit card details without needing to even lay a hand on you1/3 In fact, what if they could do as easily as simply walking by you1/3 Unfortunately, this frightening thought is now a reality with the latest high-tech identity robbery circulating the world. Armed with RFID scanner readily available online and a small laptop, in close proximity, these 21st Century pickpockets can easily collect the sensitive account data being transmitted into the air waves by RFID enabled credit cards. These "just tap to pay" convenience cards transmit a constant signal with your account details into the air waves, ready to be intercepted, with no way to turn it off .............. Until Now. Introducing the Custom Imprintable Artmetal RFID Data Guard.This thin, lightweight sleeve fits perfectly over your card and contains a specially designed shielding technology that completely nullifies the radio waves that transmit your card details to rogue readers. So as a business you can enjoy potentially increased customer loyalty by eliminating your clients' concerns of having their financial information compromised. Equally attractive is the benefit of providing a unique promotional product that will promote your brand practically every time they reach to pay for something.


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