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  • check-markb50-jpg.jpgWhy do you want the store
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgWho will be using the store
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgDo users need different shopping levels
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgDoes the store need to have inventory
  • check-markb50-jpg.jpgHow many products
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgWhat type of categories
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgWhat type of products and price range
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgWill there be product personalization
  • check-markb50-jpg.jpgAre intergrations needed
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgWhat about shipping methods
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgHow would you like shoppers to pay
    check-markb50-jpg.jpgDo managers need to approve orders



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